Theme template system

This article will introduce the theme template system and give you a glimpse of the WordPress template hierarchy. I will return to the template hierarchy later in future articles. You will get a solid understanding of which file to use and for which purpose. Using this information, you can develop templates for different posts and […]

WordPress functions.php

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Please wait a moment! This article is delayed a few days, a week maybe. However, it will be published before the end of April 2022.

Code sharing and version control

Whatever you do, you should always take good care of your backups. In this article, I will explain how to backup the code files and, if you so like, share the code with others. And if not with others, you can share the code between your other computers. Automatically, or at least almost. This article […]

Organizing theme files

A simple theme, plugin, or any project can store all code in one folder or file. But I can not recommend working like that. It is better to organize the files and the code to be easy to find and maintain in the future. So I recommend using smaller files as templates and logic that […]

First real version of theme index -file

In the previous article, we started with theme files and got the static design visible using our theme index.php file. That was a good start. In this article, we remove all the static content from the HTML code and replace it with content created with WordPress. What content is dynamic in index.php We copied the […]

Transform static design to a theme

This tutorial explains how we can transform the static site design to theme files. At first, we place all the HTML into the index.php file and then replace the content in the HTML file with content provided by WordPress. At this stage, we simply copy the CSS code into the theme style.css file and copy […]

Create your own WordPress theme

Creating a WordPress theme requires coding. It is a software project that needs a server environment to run the development site and a code editor to type the theme source code. And the knowledge to know what to write and where. The purpose of these tutorials is to help you do just that. Enjoy the […]

Theme design, where it all starts

Before coding a new WordPress theme, we need to have a mockup or a model of the page/site we want to transform into a theme. It is much easier to have code for the theme than start with an empty file. Or, we’ll start with an empty file, but we will have code to paste […]

Theme development procedure

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Creating your WordPress theme is rewarding. You get exactly what you want and what you need. And nothing more. Nothing extra. And you’ll have complete control over your site – the design and functionality. Is it complex or laborious? Not really, but you need to understand what you are doing. Prerequisites Do you need to […]

WordPress post-installation steps

After installing WordPress, you should go through the settings before creating your site and insert content. The settings to check may vary, but there are always some standard settings to check regardless of how you used to install WordPress. These are essential steps to take after a new WordPress installation. Let’s start. Settings to change […]